The year 2020 made all of us more aware of helping those around us – our neighbors in our communities. So as we moved into the holidays, the most retail heavy season of the year, we at The Shops at Greenridge decided to create a philanthropic arm of our business. We called it Greenridge Gives Back, and the intent remains today to raise awareness of organizations and missions that are helping folks right here in Greenville. 

To date we have celebrated the arts, supported children’s organizations, donated tenant gift cards, collected funds and items for those in need, promoted tenant philanthropic efforts, and offered our physical space for health-related opportunities. To date our community contribution has included:

And this month we’re donating items to Project Host through a social media collaboration with @christeneats.

“I just want to express my gratitude for choosing Loaves & Fishes as the featured nonprofit for the Greenridge Gives Back event and for inviting us to come to A Most Magical Holiday Celebration! I was thrilled to see the community support Loaves & Fishes received, and I feel it was a huge success in terms of getting our name out into the community!” said Abbie Kline, Marketing & Events Coordinator for Loaves & Fishes.

We hope that you will watch our communication channels for opportunities to support our Greenridge Gives Back initiatives throughout the year, so that we can all do our part to promote awareness of all types of missions that make Greenville a wonderful place to live, work, play – and shop!